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Beauty machine makes you pretty

2011-01-12 01:56:36


Beauty machine can make you pretty,and every ladies or some men need keep nice image.Our beauty machine can meet your needs.It main application including tattoo removal,ipl hair removal,rf skin rejuvenation,ipl vascular/ acne / epidermal pigmentation removal,rf skin tighting and blighting and so on.

Our company has presented high-tech beauty machine including many series,as below:
1)Elight (IPL and RF) hair removal series:
Double treatment heads (SR,HR),make treatment more targeted. Multi-function: hair removal, skin rejuvenation, freckle,cured red blood eliminate.

2)IPL white and spot removal beauty machine:
Shrink pores,tighten skin,improve skin elasticity and glossiness. Everlasting hair removal ,eliminate and smooth wrinkles, acne treatment.

3)nd yag laser series:
Such as laser of Nd:YAG、carbon dioxide CO2、He- Ne. Equipped with super tiny nm (nanometer) carbon penetrated skin,carbon laser can accelerate collagen albumen reorganization, meanwhile, this kind of technology can remove extra fat and recover elasticity,shrink pores and skin-tightening.

At present, Our products are exported to Europe, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, etc. and get good value and trust from omesticand foreign clients. IPL series is the most advanced equipment. We look forward to a long term cooperation with you and hope bring advanced technology to all the people. We will use the consistent high quality equipment and nice price to treat our every customer.