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Lipocavitation machine can lose fat quickly

2011-03-28 04:54:23

liposuction cavitation machine has the functions of vacuum suction, motorized intelligent roller, 40KHz strong ultrasound and LED light therapy, it is a high-tech micro-computer control machine that has a excellent efficacy in slimming, body shaping and skin beauty.

The machine use vacuum suction to lift up skin together with subcutaneous fat and muscle tissue.And to do deep massage as sucking, pinching, pushing, pulling, rolling on body using the roller, which make skin and adipose tissue to do aerobic exercise, to redouble enhance blood circulation and lymphatic detoxification function. And the back and forth deep massage can speed up fat burning, and transfer fat into fatty acids and then discharge out through lymphatic system. It can decompose subcutaneous fat, consume accumulative fat, to prevent and reduce the formation of cellular organization effectively, thus to achieve effect of body shaping and slimming. At the same time, it strengthen capacity of skin collagen and elastic fiber regeneration, make skin healthier, more luster and flexible.

Use of 40KHz low-frequency sound waves emit strong vibration causing a strong impact on by lipocyte. Effectively deal with thick stubborn fat accumulation. To form cavitations in fat cells both inside and outside, which generated positive and negative changes in the fat cell membrane alternately be uneven both within and outside the natural burst, to reduce the size of fat cells and reduce the number of fat cells. And the implosion caused by micro gaps inside and outside cells will promote molecular motion, makes a high energy level,which finally led to break of fat cells.