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permanent hair removal for women

2011-04-28 01:13:33

Intense Pulsed Laser (IPL) is a safe and permanent method to achieve a smooth and hair-free look on body areas such as the underarms, the legs and the face.  While IPL does not really require any significant downtime, there are a few guidelines to follow before, after and in between treatments.

Before IPL treatments, be sure to refrain from any hair removal methods for at least two weeks before your appointment.  A certain amount of hair growth is necessary for the IPL technician to easily target the area to be treated.  Generally, the more visible the hair, the more successful the session is.  In addition, the use of waxing, depilatory creams, etc. tend to leave the skin weakened and prone to breaking.  You will need to ensure that the skin on the area to be treated is in optimal condition.  It will be a good idea to keep it moisturized daily.

After IPL treatments, your skin will feel as if it got sunburned.  For most patients, this discomfort only lasts a few hours.  You can ease the sensation by using cold compresses on the area and applying aloe vera gel or sunburn creams.  While you can shower and wash normally, avoid using harsh soaps that can cause dryness, because skin needs adequate moisture to heal.  Use lotion after bathing, but avoid those with very strong fragrances or other added potential irritants. Do not use any product with alpha-hydroxyl acids (AHA) in it. Be sure to avoid rubbing the area; simply pat dry with a soft towel.  For underarm treatments, it is recommended that you gently wipe the area with alcohol and avoid the use of any deodorants for the first 24 hours.  Some redness and swelling is normal, but any crusting will require the use of an antibiotic cream.  For at least three weeks after treatment, no new hair growth will occur, although some stubble may appear.  This is simply dead hair being pushed out of dead follicles and should be shed soon. If not, you can try some gentle exfoliation with a loofah to hasten the process.

In between IPL treatments, avoid exposure to sunlight for about 60 days after each treatment to avoid the development of pigmentation in the area.  Use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.  While shaving is allowed, you will need to wait for about four to five days.  Other hair removal methods such as waxing, tweezing and even bleaching are to be avoided at all costs.  Because hair undergoes four different stages of growth, it is highly unlikely that an area can be completely treated in one or two sessions.  Usually, one session will result in a 30% reduction of total hair growth in a certain area.  After the initial session, it is a good idea to go back for a check-up with your IPL consultant in about one week.  This will give you both a chance to assess your reaction to the treatment, discuss any pertinent concerns on your part, and set the intervals for the succeeding sessions thereafter.