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What is Cavitation Slimming Machine?

2011-06-09 11:29:49

Cavitation occurs in liquid when bubbles form and implode in pump systems or around propellers. Pumps put liquid under pressure, but if the pressure of the substance drops or its temperature increases, it begins to vaporize, just like boiling water. Yet in such a small, sensitive system, the bubbles can't escape so they implode, causing physical damage to parts of the pump or propeller.

A combination of temperature and pressure constraints will result in cavitation in any system. No manufacturer or industrial technician wants to run pumps that keep getting affected by cavitation, as it will permanently damage the chambers of the device. The vaporization actually causes a loud, rocky noise because the bubbles are imploding and making the liquid move faster than the speed of sound!

Inside every pump, there is a propeller that draws liquid from one side of the chamber to the other. The liquid normally continues out through a valve so it can do another job in a different part of the machine. Sometimes this device is called an impeller. Even though the total chamber stays under the same pressure, and the materials are temperature regulated, cavitation manages to occur right next to the surface of the propeller.