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How to use derma roller correctly?

2011-09-09 20:47:44

There are two methods of use for the Derma Roller. One version involves the use of Topicaine Gel to numb the area, followed by more aggressive use of the Derma Roller once per week. The second alternative, involves using the device with slight pressure up to 5 times per week (Instructions are only a guide and you should always assess your skin before and after each session). Using the device gently gives a tickling feeling and is not painful – although your face is more sensitive to it than your body.

Neither method should draw blood. You may find a temporary reddening of the skin for an hour or so after treatment and it can give a sensation similar to mild sunburn. We recommend the use of sunscreen / sunblock after use.

Please ensure that you wash your hands (and the area to be treated) thoroughly prior to using the Derma Roller. Dry with a clean towel. Using disinfectant, clean your treatment table and lay out the following items: Derma Roller, tube of Topicaine Gel, (if used), antibacterial cream, a bowl of iced water with a washcloth in it, a clean towel, some paper towels, a glass containing some disinfectant, a good quality face / body moisturiser and a timer.