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Apply Ultrasound Skin Therapy machine

2011-10-03 07:05:59

If put a drop of water on your face massager, you can see it vibrating. This is the same gentle action your Fyola face massager has on your skin. The device sends out about a million waves a second to gently open pores, lift and separate dirt and dead skin cells, and help nutrients penetrate deep into the skin.

Users of the face massage often report a warm feeling in the skin as the machine is being used. That warm feeling is not due to the machine. That warm feeling is the way your skin is supposed to feel! Face massage gently increases circulation so that your own blood flows into the skin, bringing it still more oxygen and nutrients, carrying away irritants, helping it repair and rejuvenate with every use.

This is what makes this machine best for sensitive skin. No chemicals, no astringents, nothing allergenic—just the gentle power of sound. Sensitive skin can return to a beautiful tone and a blemish-free state after just a few weeks of ultrasound therapy.