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Analysis of optical beauty equipment laser machine, photon machine

2011-11-28 23:25:22

Laser technology from the 1970s on the use of the beauty industry, and is a very mature, YAG laser Then, there are IPL intense pulsed light machine, and then to quantum machine, which is now used to IPL rejuvenation beauty machine In the current IPL plus RF frequency of the E-ray machines, laser machines for the cosmetic industry has laid a solid foundation.

beauty machine: Now carbon dioxide laser, ear laser, dot matrix laser, namely semiconductor laser, as well as with the most widely used, YAG laser machine.

In terms of its role and effect:

YAG laser beauty machine, mainly for exogenous pigment. Such as tattoos, Tattoo, tattoos, eyeliner, lip line. There are point-like spots, hemorrhoids, birthmark. So easy to use. 810 is now also useful for semiconductor laser hair removal.

IPL photon beauty machine, that is, quantum machines. Now the market is also called the photon machine IPL machine. IPL machine complex name, photon machine is mainly targeted at the endogenous pigment: The main role is to: freckle, skin rejuvenation, hair removal, to redness, to red, to yellow, shrink pores, to Acne printed, wine suck nose, and so on. He can reach the skin of 4 mm deep. Treatment.

E-light machine, also known as, one beauty optical instrument. Nano LightScribe drive: The main pigment in the endogenous, can be said that photons machine upgrade. His main role of the photon covers all the items: freckle, skin rejuvenation, hair removal, to redness, to red, to yellow, shrink pores, to Acne printed, wine smack nose, and so on. Another great wrinkle firming, Mesotherapy. Enhance the skin, firming skin. As the RF frequency and IPl E just a combination of photons, E-ray machines can reach 8-15 mm below the skin, its one-time effect is 3-5 times the photon machine, but also in safety, comfort, cooling effect, energy stability and other convenience has been improved. Which is the medical cosmetic industry, the latest, most advanced equipment, but also the beauty of the brilliant milestone in the optical.

Beauty on the optical instrument such as Laser Tattoo Removal, IPL machine, E light skin beauty instrument, such as whether it will cause harm, there are no side effects?

The first optical beauty machine, rational use, no side effects on the skin, he was not efficacy of cosmetics. Optical beauty, as long as is in accordance with, the growth cycle of skin and hair done, (the growth cycle of skin 21 days, the hair growth cycle 28 days) for treatment, the skin is no harm and side effects