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slimming machine big function

2012-06-24 02:39:07

slimming machine can effectively break the fatness, uses focus strong ultrasonic head to release 40, 000Hz ultrasonic, speedy vibrate fatiness cells, produce countless vacuum air pocket in and out cells, through human body normal consuming, then exhaust out of the body.
Ultrasonic Liposuction Equipment, through high energy deep-level transport, takes 1100nm-1500nm high ultrasonic head to shoot out violent energy, produces itch cavitation in cellulite cells, forms countless tiny vacuum oxygen bubbles, by means of the pressure to make FAT cells membrane, act on the cellulite, breaks them, then exhaust out of the body by lymphatic system.
Appliable range: Full body shaping, eliminate cellilute tissue, dissolve fatness, weight lose.
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