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slimming machine cavitation machine manufacturer

2012-06-24 02:40:03

slimming machine for figure remodelling and for the solution of problems resulting from body blemishes.
the slimming machine is manufactured in compliance with very high level quality standards as a result of studies and tests carried out on a large scale.
slimming machine is in charge of the design and of the manufacture of beauty equipment.slimming machine is a device for body remodelling based on the scientifically validated method, of the aerobic movement assisted by the action of infrared beams, that activate the consumption of fat during the whole session. Projectslim, through the used method, is able to favour the increase of metabolism with consequent greater use of fat also after the ending of the treatment. The use of PROJECTSLIM is simple and managed by a computerized system that defines the limits of work using a Chip card for the data-storage of the user and for the personalization of the programs on which the Aerobic Lypolisis protocol is loaded for the activity of localized slimming.
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