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if you want to remove your tattoo,please us nd yag laser tattoo removal machine

2012-06-28 07:29:51

If you want to have a tattoo removed without doing expensive and painful laser surgery, you might conisder using a tattoo removal machine. tattoo removal machine is an acid which is relatively easy to apply to the skin. It causes skin peeling and sloughing. If you use this method regulary, after a few months, the tatto will begin to fade and eventually vanish.
The theory of tattoo machine is the laser beam at the fixed wavelength enabled by the accumulated high energy reach the pathologically changed tissues through epidermis in a very short time (only 6 ns) to instantly crush the respective color base, then the corresponding pigment group gets swollen and outburst at last due to high energy, and part of the pigment group springs out of the human body (at shallow epidermis), and the rest (at basis tissues) pigment group will become very small particle before swallowed by the human cell which will be finally discharged out of the human body through lymphatic system circulation. The pigment of the pathological tissues will fade in color till it vanishes. And the surrounding normal tissues will not be ruined since they will not absorb the laser at that fixed wavelength.
If you known more information about tattoo removal machine,I recommend you review the