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safe way to remove your tattoo by using nd yag laser machine

2012-06-28 07:30:42

use tattoo removal machine is one of the oldest methods for tattoo removal and one of the safest, and not mention the money you will save. It is actually safer than laser. The concentration is perfectly formulated for all skin types to where no permanent scarring can occur.Every time you apply the acid it reduces the tattoo pigment in your skin and brings your tattoo to the surface. So, all that will happen to the tattoo is that it will get lighter with each application.Well right after you apply you probably won’t feel much. But after 2-5 coats and fanning (dry it on your skin) you will feel a moderate stinging sensation. After the area being treated turns frost white you can wash it with lukewarm water. For the next 3-10 days the area will scab and the top layer of the skin will shed. You may have temporary scarring which completely disappears in about 90 days.
If you known more information about tattoo removal machine,I recommend you review the