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nd yag laser q switch laser for tattoo removal

2012-06-28 07:31:24

nd yag laser machine is easy to operate, quickly to be cured,and no bleeding, narcotization is not necessary. High and new laser technology-instantaneous explosion.  Standardized building block design, convenient in maintenance.nd yag laser machine Will not destroy hair follicle, will not injure ordinary skin.also it Solid laser, produced according to international standard, stable in property.Laser Tattoo Removal utilizes the explosive effect of Nd: YAG laser, the laser permeates the epidermis into the dermis and takes effects on pigment mass and is absorbed by pigment. Since the laser pulses are extremely short in nanosecond and comes with super high energy, the pigment mass would swell quickly and break into break into small pieces, which will be eliminated through metabolism. In this case, the pigments become lighter gradually and finally disappear.
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