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elight machine

2012-07-11 08:49:37

elight machine can treat acne and remove acne scars, Remove facial spots, freckles, age pigment and sunburn, Remove wrinkles, strain skin, shrink pore size, whiten skin and improve skin elasticity, Treat telangiectasia, improve bottle nose and rubeosis,and Permanent hair removal, especially for fine hair
Microcomputer control system makes all the functions work well.5in1 filters handle with high quality film coating and fast-connected plug. Water and electricity integrated treatment head is convenient and safe to install and replace. Semiconductor, wind and water cooling system make treatment more comfortable. CE standard Power Supply has good compatibility of electromagnetism. Integrative water tank has higher efficiency and better cooling efficacy. Color touch screen with friendly interfaces is easy to set up treatment parameters.
E-light technology combines 3 kinds of advantages of IPL, bipolar RF and continuous epidermal cooling. IPL is used to adjust the impedance of target tissues and lead RF to act on the target tissues. Basing on the principle that skin absorbs light energy selectively, when the light enters epidermis, pigments will absorbs lots of light energy, and so there will be risks if the energy is too intense or the color of skin is too deep. However, E-light solves the problems, IPL is not main treatment energy, which avoids reverberation and refraction of main energy and the absorption of RF energy is not affected by pigments. When the light energy is low, RF energy is absorbed sufficiently by target tissues, in addition cooling system will cool epidermal, and therefore E-light will make treatment safer and more comfortable.
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