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cavitattion equipment for fat loss weight loss lose weight

2012-07-16 03:49:32

Cavitattion equipment recently marketed by leading aesthetic equipment manufacturers  is what allows medaesthetic clinics to now offer a new type of body contouring treatment. These treatments have become known as "lipo cavitation" or "fat cavitation". During such treatments a body contouring machine utilizes ultrasonic waves in order to break down stubborn fat cells in problematic areas thus enabling our bodies to dispose of them.
Cavitation equipment brings with it a promise for a realistic new option for women and men who are struggling with reaching desirable body dimensions. 
Until now anyone who had trouble ridding themselves of cellulite and fat build up in areas such as thighs, buttocks, love handles (usually around men's waists), men's chest fat etc. had only three types of non intrusive alternatives to cosmetic surgery.
The technologies available for non intrusive fat reduction prior to the appearance of cavitation equipment were IR (infra red), RF (radio frequency) and Laser. While these treatments were able to produce satisfactory results for
many patients there were always some who seemed to respond less effectively to them.
Benefiting most from the introduction of cavitation equipment are patients seeking medical assistance with body contouring and searching for alternatives to intrusive cosmetic  surgery  procedures such as lipo suction, buttock lifts, tummy tucks, gynecomastia (operation for reduction of male chest fat ) etc. 
Such patients can now consider not only RF, IR or laser body contouring treatments but also fat reduction achieved using ultrasonic energy.
Cavitation equipment works by sending ultrasonic sound waves (waves at frequencies of above 20 Khz and are above the spectrum of human hearing) through a hand held probe which is pressed lightly onto the skin above problematic fat concentrations.  The ultrasonic energy causes fat cells to vibrate and break down into their different chemical components. These substances can then be easily absorbed into the blood stream and removed from our bodies via normal metabolic functions.
Ultrasonic body contouring treatments  conducted using cavitation equipment require just three to five sessions of about thirty minutes each before visible results appear. Patients can walk out of the clinic right after a treatment session is over and continue with their daily routine.
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