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mts derma roller micro needle

2012-07-17 05:57:02

MTS Roller? is a low-cost/high results skin treatment alternative for ablatives like laser resurfacing, derma/microbrasion, and chemical peeling.
MTS Roller? uses 200 very fine needles to pierce the epidermis thereby stimulating collagen formation. The resulting ‘micro-channel effect’ also helps to infuse vitamin creams, serums, and other topical applications thereby increasing their effectiveness.
Dermabrasion, acid-peeling or laser re-surfacing have one and the same target: to remove the protective epidermis, and set a 2nd degree burn to force the dermis to produce a new tissue layer. Once that protection layer against environmental influences such as dirt, bacteria, etc. is removed, certain health risks must be accepted: long prevailing inflammation and redness, long healing period (like on all burns), extreme light-sensitivity over month, possible irreversible pigment changes and scars. Due to different skin structure on neck and ear a laser re-surfacing is not possible. And the most negative point is: The skin becomes thinner, and in most cases the procedure can’t be repeated a second time.
Medical Microneedling can be an alternative to laser resurfacing in patients not suitable for laser treatment or wishing to have a less invasive procedure with fewer risks. Conventional treatments frequently involve expensive, highly invasive procedures, chemical peels or laser re-surfacing. These procedures have at times offered inconsistent or disappointing results. Medical Microneedling is a safer alternative and can reduce and improve the following conditions:
by way of inducing the skin to produce collagen which thickens the skin and tightens the surface. Collagen production is stimulated through the action of the MTS Roller?. Additional benefit can be gained by microdermabration which can give added benefit by loosening clogged pores thereby allowing them to return to their natural shape and size
Even the first treatment with a personal roller will show some enhancement. Real differences are achieved with monthly clinical treatments. After the third treatment in conjunction with weekly personal roller application a patient will notice significant changes. The full effect is achieved after five months.
The treatment is not painful.There is a very short healing period – you may be back in public in 5 days.The treatment is cost effective.It can be used on thin skin.
There is no permanent damage to the skin.It can safely be repeated for better results.
It can be used on laser resurfaced skin.The MTS-Roller may be stored for you and then be re-used on you at any stage.The first advantage is that this procedure does not permanently damage the skin. The skin actually becomes thicker.The healing phase is short and within five days the patients can go out into public.It is not painful in surgery due to the anaesthesia; there is also no post operative pain.It is not as expensive as laser resurfacing.Sun-sensitivity is a major and enduring problem in laser resurfacing, whereas after needling of the skin, the horny layer rapidly returns to its original thickness and the skin is not sun sensitive.A very gratifying change occurs in dilated blood vessels, which may disappear.The other advantage is that this does not really have to be done by a plastic surgeon or dermatologist. The technique is easy to master because it does not require the artistic skills that are imperative in a tattoo artist.If the result after the percutaneous collagen induction is not satisfactory to the patient, it can be repeated without any risk.