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lose your fat in summer by slimming machine

2012-07-20 04:20:25

fat loss machine can dissolve the fat inside the body including the grease around the bowels and inside the abdomen. At the same time, it can decrease the excitability of the sympathetic nerves and oxygen consumption of fat people. You can lose weight in very short time due to the amassment of point stimulation. This is the best traditional way of losing weight as your perfect body figure can be kept after losing weight by using this instrument.
The machine is organically combined with frequency scan circuit and microcomputer system to create stimulant bioelectricity, and accurately holds the essentials of acupuncture of traditional Chinese medicine to have regular deep-seated actuation and massage so as to achieve expedite channels, regularize spirits, break over lymph cycle system, remove internal toxin, improve body microcirculation, promote metaboly, excite and redeploy body power against disease, so that the bulk of fat cells can be diminished and the skin can be frapped.
Functions and curative effect:Lose weight: ten days as a period of treatment and can lose 1-8kgs.Slim the body: ten days as a period of treatment and the waistline can shorten 2-9 centimetres.Enhance the breast twenty days as a period of treatment and the breast can be enhanced 1-3 centimetres. losing weight, slimming the body, Enhancing the breast and physical therapy.
fat loss machine can relief of muscle pains and spasms in muscle contusions, sprain and strain. It can increase the blood circulation and massage for the whole body. And also to sid in the prevention of muscle. To aid in breaking down adhesions between superficial and deep tissues. And help your skin more elasticity.
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