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the function of face lifting machine

2012-07-22 03:56:59

the function of face lifting machine are contain Face lifting. Skin lifting around eyes. Tighten neck skin. Improve drooping and slack nose wrinkle. Firm forehead skin and lessen wrinkle. Tighten and sculpture the back. Tighten and sculpture the waist. Sculpture the buttocks and legs. Tender skin of hands.
the feature of face lifting machine are contain Painless to skin without taking anesthetic pills or surgery. Safe and effective. Taking little time for recovery and no effect on regular working or living. Minimum side-effects. Obvious & lasting long-time results.
face lifting machine uses the electrophoresis technique, easily opens the water channel entrance of cells membrane, penetrates into cells membrane, through hair follicle, sweat glands and cutin layer, to promote circulation. Seconds only, it can quicken high-concentration active substance, directly penetrate into deep-seated skin layer. The active substance will stay in lymph system about 1200 hours. The valid absorption ratio is higher over 2000 times
face lifting machine can lead to eye skin lifting,Freckle removal and skin whitening,
Remove wrinkles on the forehead, around eye corners, or on the neck, Moisture and skin revival, Fat removal and skin care, Pouch and dark circle removal, Remove the double chin,
Remove striations of pregnancy.Expelling lymph toxin; compacting and tightening skin;
Dispeling wrinkle, shaping face and body; Anti-aging and renewing skin; Whitening and tenderening skin; Music therapy.
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