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Multifunctional microcurrent face lift machine

2012-07-22 03:57:19

Multifunctional microcurrent face lift machine is constant for normal temperature of skin,  and the rf waves as the core technology. Its principle is to ensure there is not damaged and comfortable of the skin. The probe can send out the plus-minus 6 million times frequency waves per minute, and accurate guide into the person’s true cortex. Through the high frequency waves accurate into dermis and Subcutaneous tissue, the skin temperature rises in a short time, to stimulate the dermis secrete more new collagen, and to fill the gap as the loss of atrophy and collagen. With collagen gradually hyperplasia, sagging or relaxation skin rearrange, which hold the bracket of the skin again, increase the thickness of the dermis, heal the wrinkles, restore skin elasticity and gloss. At the same time, as the rf waves stimulating, collagen.rapid contraction, achieve finally remove the wrinkles and tighten the skin.
Multifunctional microcurrent face lift machine depends on the modern high-tech medicine for the skin. It is different from the traditional surgery to remove the wrinkle. It is not invasive, leaves no trace and has no harm to the skin.
face lifting machine can lead to expelling lymph toxin; compacting and tightening skin;
Dispeling wrinkle, shaping face and body; promote metabolism. Improve the skin blood circulation;  Anti-aging and renewing skin; Whitening and tenderening skin;improve muscle fatigue; activate cell regeneration; smooth wrinkles, improve skin elasticity; Music therapy.
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