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eyeliner removal machine can specialized wipe out Eyebrow tattoos pigment

2012-07-24 03:56:35

eyeliner removal machine can specialized wipe out Eyebrow tattoos pigment, the pigment embroidered eyebrow, floating eyebrow, carved eyebrow pigment, lip color bleaching material and eye-line pigment.and pigmented skin lesions and mixed pigment of pigmentation removal. Dispel coffee spots, senile plaque, Birthmark, Beauty spot etc, all kinds of pigment skin lesions.eyeliner removal machine also can Specialized wipe out red, brow and coffee tattoos.
eyeliner removal machine have no harm to hair follicle and normal tissue, no scar, no anesthesia. Muanfacture by international standard, big screen with optional language which meet every customer's requirements. Monitoring by computer, short treatment period, fast to learn and easy to operate. Red indicate light fixes accurae position, convenient for accurate treatment. Super cooling system, temperature control automatically, long continuous working hours. High power, strong penetrability, professional remove all kinds of tattoo, remove pigment completely. Quick recovery, no impact on daily work and life.
Portable, light and aseismatic design, easy to move. Water-proof CPC handle, pluggable, convenient for maintainance.
eyeliner removal machine have different color of tattoo removal on lip line, eyebrow, eyelid, body.pigment deposit removal.age spot, flat birthmark and nevus removal.
suitable to all kinds of skin.
Unique advantages contain: 100% American imported “plug and play” handle connector integrates with perfect water-electricity isolated system; enhance the stability of performance and easy maintenance and repair actually;Powerful energy: 1600mJ;2 probes standard for different treatments, easy switch in between;
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