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eyeliner removal machine can lead to laser tattoo eyeliner removal

2012-07-24 03:57:19

eyeliner removal machine can lead to laser tattoo eyeliner removal.can remove all kinds of colorful tattoos.remove lip line. Eye line.etc.
Pigment deposit dispelling. Skin rejuvenation. Tattoo removal: perfect performance on black, blue, brown, and colorful tattoo removal (such as red, yellow, green etc.) on eyebrow, eye line, lip line, and other parts of body. Eliminates the age pigment, spot, birthmark, and pigment changes.
the features of eyeliner removal machineaer contain:color-touch LCD screen. Two wavelengths with powerful energy: 1064nm/532nmJ. 100% American imported “plug and play” handle connector, integrating with perfect assembly of water-electricity isolated; enhance the stability of performance and facility actual operation actually. Spot size: 1-7mm adjustable. High quality of machine shell: ABS material. system protection of water flow and water temperature: if no water, little water, bad water circulation inside or higher water temperature then system setting, machine stops all working immediately, protecting machine and people from any risk at the first time. Main elements import from international famous companies, such as Q switch and polarizer; and advanced technology of laser cavity is used to produce excellent light spot modes, even light intensity, no highlighted point
eyeliner removal machine is Potable,easy to carry and transportation,use for home and salon.Small size and ABS light quality can reduce transportation cost.Safety,no side effect,no harm to normal skin.Painless,no need of anesthetic,slight tingling during operation.Professional treat all color tattoo and pigment.
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