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Application of the CE certification beauty spa machine with high power

2012-07-30 02:28:54

Application of the CE certification beauty spa machine with high power: Hair removal: Remove all kinds of hair of the face and body permanently and completely. Such as cheast hair, clypeal hair, armpit hair, bikini hair, leg hair, arm hair etc. It has outstanding effect for different color hair with different colored skins. Remove red capillary, abnormal tiny blood vessel (angiotelectasia), whelk, scar of acne, rosacea and erythema. Wipe out speckle, plaque, macula etc. Such as freckle, sun scald and make chloasma, butterfly spot, age pigment, cyasma lighter and lighter. Remove wrinkle and skin care: Remove all kinds of wrinkles on the face and body and stimulate collagen to grow and make elastic fibers rearranged. Finally, the skin becomes wrinkleless, glossier, whiter and smoother. Breast lifting.
Special Feature of the CE certification beauty spa machine with high power: It is a machine with five functions in one, so it is highly cost effective. The e-light can penetrate the deeper skin up to 15mm, precisely controls the volume of tissue heated(IPL: About 4mm), Also the hight energy supply (1600W) makes its treatment effect more effective.  The Joint part of treatment head and the body of machine adopts the most advanced "plug and play" technology. The treatment head could be plug in and out freely, which is exclusive design in our company. So there is unnecessary to connect many wires with the installation and transport more convenient and safer. Besides, the plug is waterproof, so the machine becomes safer to work. It is safer for the semiconductor chilling plate on the treatment heads, so the patient feel more comfortable, without any danger. Special designed cooling system and the stainless steel water tank ensures working constantly and safely, and also extends using life of the machine. There is computer monitor system to control the entire process of treatment, unnecessary to general anesthesia, reducing the pain to be lowest. 8.4 inch colorful touch LCD screen and humanized menu, is very easy to operate. The shell of the latest ipl+rf beauty machine with outstanding effect is made of ABS material which is unbreakable, pressureproof, and temperature resistant. Thus it is safer in transit and longer-life in use.
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