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Theory of the No-Needle Mesotherapy

2012-07-31 00:47:08

Theory of the No-Needle Mesotherapy are that a skin care method that takes effect on tissues belonging to mesoblast. No-Needle Mesotherapy is a beauty therapy that uses no-needle mesotherapy device (also known as mesoporation device, or mesoporation infiltration device), applies electroporation and electroosmosis technologies, and transmits active ingredients or nutrients into the skin without any pain.
Electroporation: it functions on the skin directly, and increases the penetrability of the skin immediately. Under the electrical shock, lipid lamellae will produce small holes. The hydrophilic molecules which failed to be absorbed by cells are now able to penetrate and enter into the cells. Electrophoresis technology opens water channels for cell membrane, and promotes circulation through hair follicle, sweat gland, and corneum.
no needle therapy machine without pains,no side effects: During the whole process, you can't feel any pain. It doesn't change, The mechanism of the skin. It is possible to match with nature active products. Used part: applicable to face, cervix, bosom, waist,buttocks and legs, improve the effects of complimentary products, whitening skin, wiping off wrinkles and losing weight.
It increases penetrability of skin tissues, disperse substance molecules, and transmit nutrients into dermis. Injection together with other whitening and wrinkle chasing products can facilitate your skin’s absorbing function. It dissolves fat, whitens skin, removes wrinkles, refines skin, and promotes metabolism, lymph circulation, and blood circulation.
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