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The ZGTS Dermaroller is a cheap drmaroller mainly focused on body area skin needle

2012-08-25 07:59:39

The ZGTS Dermaroller is a cheap drmaroller mainly focused on body area skin needling, not recmmended for facial needling. ZGTS is great choice if you are looking for a affordable dermaroller for fleshy areas of the body.
ZGTS Titanium has a nice curved design that's pretty easy to hold and use. It's handle is made of coloured plastic, and roller head holds 192 micro needles that are made of titanium alloy.Titanium needles are really tough and durable, so they suit well for needling large areas and thicker skin on thights, back or other body parts.
ZGTS Dermarollers are available with 192 needle in 8 line head type only. ZGTS is great choice for fleshier parts of the body.
ZGTS Dermaroller needles are sterilized and made of titanium alloy. Needle thickness is from 0.025 mm from needle tip to 0.3 mm at the thickest part. Available needle lengths vary from 0.25 up to 2.0 mm.
ZGTS  Disposable – A Low Cost, Simple Dermaroller.
These Dermarollers offer our lowest cost option to Dermaroller Planet customers. They are the perfect introduction to derma rolling and very popular with first time users. These dermarollers can be bought on there own or as part of a money saving multi pack.  This gives you the option of buying dermarollers for multiple treatment types or even to share your order with friends and family.
Designed to be used in the same way as a disposable razor, the construction of these rollers mean that they don’t last as long as more expensive models. However, we have been testing these rollers for some time and they have proved to last several weeks despite using them every day. (5 days a week)
These derma rollers come pre-sterilized and are FDA approved.