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540 needles derma roller micro needle acne removal

  • Product:
    540 needles derma roller micro needle acne removal

  • Model Number:
    Derma Roller 002

  • Description:

    540 needles derma roller different size for face/body/eye
    usual size:0.2/0.5/0.3//1.0/1.5mm(our stock size and usual size)MOQ:10PCS
    other size:0.25/0.7/2.0/3.0mm(MOQ:50-100PCS)


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540 needles derma roller micro needle acne removal

Treatment Applications of different skin-entry depth
0.5mm-wrinkle removal, whitening, freckle recommended 0.25mm
1.0mm/1.5mm-get rid of stretch marks (orange peel pattern of thin lines) is recommended 2.0mm-hair growth treatment is recommended 1.5mm
0.2mm/0.3mmremove redness, eye recommended 0.2-mm-0.3mm long micro-needle.
1.0mm/1.5mm-rosacea, concave scars, acne pits, scar repair recommended

Features and Advantages of 540 disk needle derma roller:
1.Does not destroy the structural integrity of the skin;
2. gradually remove the skin deep toxins and waste;
3. The establishment of a large number of skin and fine pipeline, transportation basement beauty products; (only needs 5 minutes to tens of thousands Zaochu super-microporous);
4. Direct delivery to the skin, the active ingredient required for optimal absorption of position; the unique nanocompounding the role of biological factors symptomatic and purposeful, with dramatic effect, the product composition penetration rate than the general beauty products to improve hundreds of thousands of times;
5. The ability to stimulate the skin healing and promote skin metabolism, to maintain skin elasticity and Jiao Mei;
6. Activate the cells, repair damaged tissue, directly involved in cell metabolism, to Phytosome, promotion, whitening, anti-aging effects;
7.To enhance the promotion of cell-mediated immunity, slow down skin aging, long term to keep the young state;
8. Wound healing using the natural ability to induce the skin''''s own collagen nutrition and growth;
9. No side effects, efficacy and safe and reliable, simple operation, non-invasive, also known as "lunch-style beauty";

Technical Parameter:
540 needles derma roller micro needle acne removal
9 disks x 60needles (540 needles in total)
roller color:purple / red/green/yellow/blue/black,ect.for choice
Body Material:Plastic, black,white,ect.
Special a method of construction by lock-up
50% improvement of needle's strength than a normal material

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