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O2 oxygen skin care equipment free shipping

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    O2 oxygen skin care equipment free shipping

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    LB Oxygen 003

  • Description:

    1. Inject Oxygen in high pressure: it injects oxygen into our layer of skin to improve flabby skin and improve your complexion .Especially to the skin of smoker, it has a good effect.
    2. Spout oxygen tenderly: It spouts oxygen and essence on the skin, it is used for nursing skin after cosmetic surgery
    3. Suck oxygen: suck oxygen directly, it can improve blood circulation and speed up metabolism. Then our skin will be whiter, glossy, smooth and we are younger and younger.
    These three kinds of functions can be used together, because the 98% pure oxygen, it could be used for medical care and beauty-salon
    4.Skin rejuvenation, remove facial blemish, tighten large hair pores, deeply cleaning, and
    5.improve the flexibility and tone of skin.
    6.Scar removal; remove scar caused by laser treatment, burn, surgical etc.
    7.Wrinkle removal; remove fine lines, wrinkles and spider veins.
    8.Acne removal; remove acne, comedones, blackheads and acne scar. Restrain the


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Through the high-pressure separation, the gas separation in the air, produced 98% of
the pure oxygen, together with specially designed injection lance, and the spray gun
nozzle on the skin masks for detoxification, high pressure injection of oxygen, oxygen
and low pressure spray Wen oxygen, and other methods of rapidly absorbed directly
into the skin of oxygen, increased human cell activity and speed up metabolism,
achieve the desired therapeutic effect. use oxygen converters, air samples will be
converted to the apparatus purity 94% oxygen, using no needles Note to 2 BAR lance
the pressure will be at least 94 percent of the active substance and pure oxygen into
the basal layer of skin, color improve wrinkles caused by hypoxia, relaxation, such as
pigment precipitation caused skin problems.
1. Magnetized water with oxygen with high-energy live essence of oxygen domassage the
skin, can cure all kinds of skin of sensitivity, Neurodermatitis,contact dermatitis, eczema,
acne, acne, Sunlight etc..2. Through magnetization gravitational to human tissue fluid
circulation flow, and remove foreign bodies and toxins. 3. High-energy implantation of
oxygen through the magnetization of the special high-energy oxygen and energy elements
into the Five Elements skin, strengthen cell metabolism, nutritional supplements and
timely energy, and enhance immune skin cells emit foreign body, and to improve the
treatment of asphyxia caused by skin, relaxation, wrinkles, skin pigmentation, and other
related diseases. 4. Put on mask, using high-energy oxygen enters the human body
through the respiratory system have metabolic role.
BIO-cell regeneration work principle
After long as research and investigation, the resumption of cell viability is very unique
technique. It can restore the skin soft and flexible to prevent the formation of wrinkles and
wrinkles to play down. Its secret lies in a kind of skin can produce it lost to the elements of
the slurry. Learn how to use innovative vitality of the recovery machines, customers will
inject new vitality within the skin. Although this can not remain to live a long life, but at
least it will slow aging.
Humans and other machinery difference is the use of very low power and more
effective, such power can be maintained, such as the heart and digestive system, and
control the various parts of the body function, thus maintaining the muscle and skin health,
simulation and operation of such power stimulus-related site, the program is the basic
principle. Because muscle stimulation and maintain power by the vitality, it can be used in
vitro weak power control since found that the vibration of low power use can promote the
ideal speed of the movement to muscle tension and skin more flexibility and vitality.
Muscle UNCRO prototype, the surface wrinkles will be leveled to prevent aging. Muscle
types of organizations are usually in a state of tension, contraction can produce
movement, issued electricity spread to the brain to a contraction of the tendon
movements, muscle tendon control, to determine their flexibility, stress, intensity and pain,
muscle after the old, stress to follow degradation, flexible abnormal change, arising from
the relaxation of external wrinkles, facial devices will stimulate the tendon to help restore
the original muscle flexibility and vitality to stimulate the activation of cell regeneration,
stretch wrinkles so that the relaxation of elastic skin resume and the compact. health
situation is bad in the results obtained are naturally limited, machinery and electricity to the
surface only, not in-depth treatment of other diseases within the body.
BIO-renewable living cells main functions:
1, an instant aging horny and pore removal of dirt and painless to pore blockage from the
acne, Jingchundou, facial Peutz so that the skin thoroughly clean. 2, improving the skin
blood circulation and promote skin deep support fiber regeneration, ease wrinkles and
improve skin smooth degrees. 3, upgrade ptosis muscle, balanced acidity, and promote
cooperation in the water with skin, tighten the pore and stimulate the relaxation skin,
renewable coating. Help aging skin regeneration, and maintain organizations flexibility
and speed up Metabolic to prevent melanoma have to prevent wrinkles produced. 4, the
transformation of connective tissue function and restore natural toughness. Reducing the
vulnerability of broken capillaries a tendency to accelerate the restoration of damaged
skin. 5, in-depth stimulate cell function, added its biological power, convergence pore to
deodorant acid has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory capabilities. 6, a clearer observation
of surface skin keratinocytes, pigment precipitation, pore state.
Oxygen accessories introduced:
1, yin and yang meridians suction T
Through the conversion of the magnetic field generated attractive to the eight activation
through facial meridian line, the promotion of the humoral cycle unimpeded, a
detoxification beauty purposes.
2, energy conversion gun
Press the control of New Zealand will release high-energy oxygen, control button showing
will be released essence fluid, released by the regulator after the mist cream mixed
oxygen gas can, put a gun heads memory.
3, Wu wave energy injection gun
Pressure on the introduction of magnetized needle implantation, according to the human
heart, beating feel of the pulse of the frequency and the frequency of breathing, will add
no fresh deployment of elements of the energy in the frames of facial 365 lattice Wu wave
energy implantation through its guns
Direct implantation of the skin deep and quickly transformed into cells for energy and
nutrition, to the metabolic activation of cytoplasmic The purpose of the skin because of a
lack of an effective solution to the energy nutrition various skin diseases.
4, SMO memory masks
Through SMO's unique memory system, strengthen energy implantation effect, except
awakened by the skin cells within the memory repair functions, allowing the energy matter
can be quickly and efficiently into cells energy, and promote ATP components increased,
the total repair damaged cells, updated in a timely manner skin aging problem, as one set
for repair of the entire validity function
Panels note
Note oxygen oxygen spray oxygen work instructions:
1. Stuck power and opened the machine power switch ;2. Set working hours, the
proposed 20-30 minutes ;3. Choice spray oxygen / oxygen injection mode
4. Conditioning spray oxygen / oxygen flow injection ;5. Regulate oxygen injection
frequency;6. Activated by pressing start work.
BIO-cell regeneration work instructions:
1. Stuck power and opened the machine power switch ;2. Choice set working hours, the
proposed 20-30 minutes ;3. Conditioning work output current strength BIO;4. Activated by
pressing start work.
Note oxygen spray oxygen flow oxygen operation:
1.Jie Face:Jie faces milk cleansing facial.
2, Toner: add moisture to the skin, secondary cleaning.
3, spray oxygen: Lance spray on the face to enhance oxygen facial cell activity and
metabolic function.
4, detoxification: to horny, facial upgrading To wrinkles such a way aerobic detoxification,
lymphatic drainage.
5. Oxygen Note: Using the nozzle with a pressure injection of oxygen.
6,Kurashiki face: (15 minutes) Kurashiki to the face mask can be.

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