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no needle mesotherapy machine for beauty salons good quality

  • Product:
    no needle mesotherapy machine for beauty salons good quality

  • Model Number:
    LB Mesotherapy 009

  • Description:

    no needle mesotherapy equipment for beauty salons beauty machine
    Voltage: AC110,AC220V.
    Power :≤30w
    Size: 50x80x143cm
    Weight: 25 Kg.


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no needle mesotherapy equipment beauty spa equipment for face and skin care fast delivery CE

Needle-free mesotherapy beauty salon beauty machine
adopt a sort of therapy with high effects and non-invasion that can totally instead of traditional therapies. It adopts the most popular technologies,
electrophoresis and water path albumn technology, importing nutriments to the mesoderm directly. Supplementing by lambency and cooling stimulation, it can transport the nutriments to the target
tissues and make them be absorbed by the skin tissues quickly. In that case, it can accelerate
the blood circulation and restore flexibility of the skin.

1.1.wrikle removal,anti-aging
2.lighten spots
3.water supplementing
4.eye skin lifting
5.tighten facial /body skin

Needle-free mesotherapy for beauty salon beauty machine
Voltage: AC110,AC220V.
Power :≤30w
Size: 50x80x143cm
Weight: 25 Kg.

The scope of treatment:
1. Quick wrinkle removal;
2. Cellulite romoval;
3. Freckle removal and skin whitening;
4. Orange skin tissue removal

Theory of operating:
1. It uses the electrophoresis technique, easily opens the water channel entrance of cells membrane, penetrates into cells membrane, through hair follicle, sweat glands and cutin layer, to promote circulation.
2 Seconds only, it can quicken high-concentration active substance, directly penetrate into deep-seated skin layer.
2. The active substance will stay in lymph system about 1200 hours.
3. The valid absorption ratio is higher over 2000 times

1.Renovate the technology: using the theory of the electronic perforation and penetration
2.High efficiency of absorbing: the nutrition go into the cells directly.So the absorptivity is high.
3.Without pains,no side effects: During the whole process, you can't feel any pain. It doesn't change
4.The mechanism of the skin. It is possible to match with nature active products.
5.Used part: applicable to face, cervix, bosom, waist,buttocks and legs, improve the effects of complimentary products, whitening skin, wiping off wrinkles and losing weight

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