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ultrasonic beauty equipment home skin care device wrinkle removal

  • Product:
    ultrasonic beauty equipment home skin care device wrinkle removal

  • Model Number:
    LB U018

  • Description:

    ultrasonic beauty equipment home skin care device wrinkle removal
    Weight: 0.47KG
    Outer Box Size: L 20cm * W 17cm * 6cm high
    Power Output: 10W
    Voltage Output: DC-24V
    Frequency :50-60HZ


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ultrasonic beauty equipment home skin care device for wrinkle removal

Ultrasound effects:
Ultrasonic vibration millions of times per second, to understand aging skin wrinkles dark circles and other skin problems which make the blood vessels with phototherapy, and strengthen the effectiveness of the formation of fibrous tissue protein complementary powerful and effective solution to power small household equipment, and poor results the problem. Effect of household equipment is recognized as the best in home beauty device. One machine will be able to fully meet the daily skin care rejuvenation | wrinkle | White | face-lift | Cleaning | essence into multiple needs. Simple operation, the effect of the daily skin care professionals become so simple and effective.

Ultrasound features of: get rid of wrinkles:
Healthy skin from the inside out to be, but generally only do the massage for the skin epidermis, would not achieve the fundamental results, Weili ultrasonic beauty instrument using continuous exposure mode can be applied to the skin of the bottom (4-5 cm) by 1 MHz ultrasound mechanical compression and stretching, the formation of 1 million cells per second vibrations massage, as millions of hands for your massage. Deep skin tissue in the high-speed vibration and rapid temperature under a variety of waveforms, while accelerating the aging of cell metabolism, improving the arrangement of cells, eliminate waste and the aging of the skin surface skin cells, the effect of eliminating wrinkles.

Ultrasonic Beauty Instrument of: stain removal, acne, bags under the eyes and dark circles,fade scars:
Stain due to the formation of general pigmentation, deposited by, ultrasonic beauty instrument using continuous exposure mode can improve the skin tissue and cell membrane permeability, accelerate the fluid circulation, 100 million times per second the vibration of pigment by blood or lymphatic vessels into the kidney, excreted with the urine, while the internal pores of the face oily substances to be removed, adjust the facial sebum secretion, can effectively prevent and treat acne, acne. Ultrasonic beauty instrument is also welt widely used in eye care and beauty salon equipment, the effect is immediate, with your eye care products, disposable repel dark circles, eye bags and fine dry lines.Effective tremor massage can improve blood circulation, cellular metabolic state, promote cell ability to repair itself, can make scars fade.

Ultrasonic Beauty Instrument of: upgrade to tighten the skin, increase skin elasticity:
Ultrasonic beauty instrument can improve blood circulation, make the skin smooth capillaries, improve skin laxity, activated cells, to help absorb skin care products. At the same time deep into the ultrasound deep penetration of nutrients to the skin lining, so that the efficacy of skin care products to maximize, not only the skin becomes smooth and delicate, and ruddy, shiny, full of flexibility, allowing you to reproduce the youth, but also help facial exercise. Face-lift effect can be achieved.

Second, the effectiveness of ultrasound with the product:
1, whitening, remove wrinkles, eliminate dark spots, such as water firming effect.
2, speed up the skin on a variety of nutrients absorbed by the gel or cream.

The main technical indicators and specifications:
ultrasonic beauty equipment home skin careWeight: 0.47KG
Outer Box Size: L 20cm * W 17cm * 6cm high
Power Output: 10W
Voltage Output: DC-24V
Frequency :50-60HZ

Face the use of steps:
1, dry wash before use to massage the area.
2, in thin, small wrinkles or tighten parts, rub gel on skin care products.
3, gently massage the skin, in the face sliding. Touch method to remove more fat, muscle body parts, ask each moving at 2-3 seconds, a distance of about 10 cm. Rotation method for the site of facial muscles less fat, ask each moving 2-3 seconds.
4, and closed when not in power.
5, after use, use a dry cloth, wipe toilet paper.

Note use of the instrument:
★ Be sure to use the beauty instrument Roudong the skin gently, so as not to pull the skin.
★ Use the process of skin redness, swelling, irritation ... and so on, please stop using it.
★ skin wounds, eczema ... and so do not use.
★ Keep in a cool place, avoiding placed too high, too low, the local temperature or direct sunlight.
★ concentration of drug agent is too small, not directly penetrate, or lead to dry skin;
★ use, the probe can not go through the eye, the eyelids can not massage;
★ pregnant women and patients with severe heart disease can not be used.
(Other related issues, please refer to the instructions)

we remind you: the high frequency ultrasonic vibrations per second, the body can not feel.Can drip on the probe, the probe will turn the surface of water droplets after the beating,it means that the instrument in normal operation. The frequency of a trillion devices, can activate cells, promote circulation, facial care, nutrition, import, massage therapy, as the instrument is equipped with high-quality probe, its relatively long life, attractive appearance, popular cosmetics companies and individuals welcome!

Ultrasound is best to use various types of extracts, liquid, gelatinous to import, not to hurt the skin, which can better nutrients deep into the skin. Professional superconducting device recommended a twice or three times, no more than three times oh, every 15-20 minutes.

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